This project was initiated and executed in the year 2013-14. While Urban India is able to tackle problems of rising electricity costs with their available resources, there are thousands of rural homes where people live completely without electricity. Additionally, disaster in Uttarakhand destroyed electricity lines for hundreds of villages. Light For Life Foundation teamed up with Uttaranchal Association of North America, Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, Madhav Seva Foundation, Pauri Garhwal Group and Jeevan Samwardhan Group to distribute 1340 Solar Lanterns in Uttarakhand along with districts of Dhule and Thane in Maharashtra. Each Solar Lantern brought light to a house for 5-10 years with capability of providing light daily for 4-24 hours. This positively impacted life of more than 5000 people across 14 villages, saving them thousands of rupees that would have gone towards kerosene and fighting diseases caused due to kerosene lamps.

Currently, we are working on the project EduRight which empowers the Right to Education for every child. studying Street children get education in municipality or NGO based schools but rely on donations for books, pencils and other basic stationeries. These children have the urge to study and have dreams of becoming doctors, engineers, etc but they come from families with very low income. With EduRight, we wish to encourage their eagerness to study and push them to be a part of the educated society. We aim to raise funds to provide books and study stationary to 10,000 poor kids which will last them for a few months. The support required to make this happen would be Rs. 150 per child and patrons can donate for as many children as they wish to.

Our team reached out to their friends and families and collected items like books, toys and games which were ununsed but in very good condition. We collected atleast 15 big sized bags and were all sent to various orphanages where children do not get a chance to have these due to lack of resources. This project was done as a part of our Christmas plan where we intended to improve the smiles of the orphans

Team Spreading Smiles
We joined Spreading Smiles as one of the members to support the NGOs they support with resources. This group supports 10 different organizations across Mumbai which includes children suffering from cancer, orphanages, mentally disabled, special children, old age homes, etc. As and when there are requirements from these organizations, we provide them with resources to the best of our ability.

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